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Now there is no more morning dew

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A place where I store different ramblings on my mind. Don`t take offence or take it too sreious.
If you want to read it - read it.
Do what you should and come what may.
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acoustic blues, al dimeola, aleister crowley, amplifiers, anime, bb king, black sabbath, black tea, blues, bob dylan, boleskine house, broadcaster, buddy guy, camel, cats, chords, clannad, classic rock, cream, delta blues, dream theatre, dreamland, dunlop, electric blues, england, fairport convention, fantasy, fate of nations, fender, flamenco, fleetwood mac, fool no more, francis dunnery, fusion, gibson, gravitation, great britain, green tea, guitar pedals, guitars, harp, hendrix, hey joe, hippie, hurdy-gurdy, ireland, irish tea, it bites, jack bruce, jazz, jazz-rock, jefferson airplane, jessie james, jimmy page, john lee hooker, john mayall, john mclaughlin, john petrucci, led zeppelin, les paul, lez zeppelin, libra sonatina, lightnin hopkins, loch ness, magick, manic nirvana, mighty rearranger, miles davis, moby grape, mojo, moonchild, morning dew, muddy waters, music, no quarter, now and zen, oriental music, outrider, ozzy osbourne, patti smith, peter green`s fleetwood mac, physical graffiti, pictures at eleven, placebo, portishead, presence, progressive blues, psychodelic, rainbow, robert johnson, robert plant, rock, roland dyens, rory gallagher, scotland, sixty six to timbuktu, skip spence, slash, snail-mail, squier by fender, steppenwolf, stevie ray vaughan, stratocaster, summer of love, tab, taste, taylor t5, tea, telecaster, texas flood, the crossroads, the doors, the principle of moments, the yardbirds, thin lizzy, thrill is gone, tony joe white, tori amos, trip-hop, twin peaks, vampires, vinyl, walking into clarksdale, whole lotta love, woodstock, yaoi, yuki eiri, yuri

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