I stabbed a finger and was fearing an explosion all the way through installing the new semi-professional soundsystem =\

Sure the fantastic quality of sound was worth it, but why is everything that is at least remotely proffessional so user-unfriendly?

Well, whatever. I got this new awesome stereo and I did play "Raising Sand" and two Francis Dunnery`s albums very loudly=)

Back to stay!

I got hair of crazy colour.
I got headful of strange thoughts.
I got a Led Zeppelin vinyl.
I got blues.
I got an electric guitar.
I got a Fender amp.
I got a load of homework.
I got grand plans.
I got wide hips.
I got a great dislike of boogie-woogie dances.
I got a hellhound on my trail.
I got cheap shoes.
I got 4 Francis Dunnery albums.
I got a million dollar smile.
I got one ear pirced.
I got a thousand things to do.
I got dozens of songs to say.
I got a 108 GB HDD.
I`m back here to stay=)

I`ll be back...

i know I wasn`t too often updating this journal, but I WAS here though lurkin` mostly.
What I want to say now is that I lived through a major conscience-shift this weekend and now I need some off-line time to think it all through and fulfill all the plans made. I`ll ,ost certainly be back, just don`t really know when. And I remember all the things i promised to write, but didn`t. Let me inform you that the BIG fic I`ve been prating about for about a year now if finally ready as arough draft. So I`ll be back with a treat.

And for now BYE!

Hugs and kisses, I`ll reaturen one sunny day!

- K.

In the mood!

Strange things are happaning here, really))) I found a good friend and a colleague, I hope. I went to see Sex and the City - The Movie and I was deeply moved by it. It made me feel really sad and romantic...

I wanna fall in love again...
But still I`m hanging the moon in here=)


*totally speechless*

I`m excited, speechless, worried over my mind, hopeful, mad, longing, waiting, thinkin`, dissolvin` into nothin`, dancin` in heaven....

WHOA, it`s ALL HAPPENING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can`t tell you yet what exactly, but do pray for me, pray for me!!!!!

*off to a summer-closing party to one of the cool pubs, but it`s nothin` to do with all the stuff above.... well, tiniest bit maybe*

Let`s think about the good things, about things that SHOULD BE!

First of all - my amplifier finally returned wrom the warranty service. Now the clean sound is working again and I dust my frets with "Ship Of Fools" and "I Wonder" (this one by Mahavishnu Orcestra).
There`ll be a lot of travelling and camping this summer so the business of reparing Dad`s old sleeping bag if full steam on. "Three days, three days.... we just love you" (c) Can`t wait to go actually))) but I`d love the weather to steady itself a bit before we go. t`s freaking COLD here this summer.
I`ve finally found courage to invite someone really cool to the cinema. And the invitation was accepted! Woo-hoo! Another of such pleasant shocks was that D. - a musician who is almost one step lower than Bonzo when it comes to drumming in my opinion has agreed to play with me should I find a groovy bass-player. And I actually have the right bassist... He`s not really a blues bassist though((( anyway I`m tooooo scared to really stick to this chance. It`s tooo good to be true, you know. I`ve had to drag my heavy amplifier from the shop yesterday so I`m reasting my hands now... And a band, a REAL power trio... I`ll wait a couple of days till my hands are read yfor playing again and this thought has grown on me a bit.

And the last but no less cool - my best friend - Mary Lou has FINAAAAAAALLY agreed to come to see a local band that plays Irish folk in a small bar every Thursday. So I`m off to that venue)))

I did some thinkin`... And I hear the buzzin` of my honey-bee

Yeah, I did some thinking and I daresay the chaos my life seemed to be in has funnily structurised itself into a very well arranged thing. I know who I am, I know where I am, I know what to do. that really pleases me,

What makes me sad is that a bass player (and a very good friend of mine) moved to another city to live and study. I know we`re gonna miss each other a lot. Well... But I`ve got other people that play bass well.

Internet connection at my summer cottage turned out to be HELL! The funniest thing - there IS some signal, but more often than not it`s absolutely unstable(( but it IS so when I `m desperate for some web, I can always get the connection at least.

Got me a pirate dvd of the 02 Arena Led Zeppelin concert. There wasn`t much of a show actually, but the power of the music and the VIBES... Indescribably delicious! (c) =)))
Off to finish some work.

See ya all soon!


I`m following suit)

Behold... My Future
I will marry a cool man.
After a wild honeymoon, We will settle down in London in our fabulous Mansion.
We will have 0 kid(s) together.
Our family will zoom around in a Violet Hammer.
I will spend my days as a band frontman, and live happily ever after.
whats your future


The Summer came a-rollin`

It`s finally warm bordering on hot here. I took all the exams I had to take succesfully (all As, can you believe that?)
I`m working hard, really hard. I`ve got my eyes set on the beautiful Epiphone SG or Les Paul... Though everybody says Epiphone is a no-good guitar (how can it be?!.)
I downloaded some "undownloadable" songs thanks to one good plug-in for Mozilla and now I can enjoy some Stillwater (yess, the very Almost Famous Stillwater) and Lez Zeppelin.

I still crave going to the seaside but that`s more miles than I can think of, money is a bit tight and no one to accompany me. "Where are those friends when you need them most?" There is only one major trip planned for this summer and I pray I`ll manage to go.

Last trivia - I dyed all my blond highlights acid-pink and I`m terribly proud of myself)
Aaaand I`m going to the summer cottage this weekend for the first time in this year. I`m taking ,y laptop with, but I wonder how my wireless Internet will behave there.

Love, peace!

- K.